Less Strife With An Organized Life

organizedpantry2Do you have tuna package in your pantry from 2005? ? How about the saved bags in the hall closet, from the grocery store, or the boutique around the corner, that are there “just in case.”

It is much easier to let the old stuff be and say “I’ll clean it this weekend.” After a while though, it can pile up and make an otherwise clean and orderly house feel like a mess.

Don’t feel like you are the only one out there who does this. Whether the home is large or small it can still be a daunting task to organize.

This is so true there are even companies out there who’s main job is to organize homes.

Kirsten Fisher is the owner and CEO of Imagine Home Organization.KirstenFisher

We spoke directly to her to get her expert insight on having a happy and organized home.

What is the most important room to organize?

Kirsten: I believe there are actually 6 rooms that are the most important to be organized.

#1 – The Bathroom: This is the place you get ready to tackle your day, it is often a shared space and serves many purposes.

#2 – The Master Closet: When your closet isn’t manageable, you start your day frustrated, late and feeling less than your best.

#3 – The Home’s Command Center: With so much incoming paper, from junk mail, to bills, to ¬†permission slips, it is hard to keep up without a strategic system to handle incoming clutter.

#4 – The Garage: More than 30% of Americans can’t park their cars in the garage. They leave one of their most expensive assets exposed to the elements because they have their “junk” taking up its storage space.

#5 – The Kitchen: This is the hub of the home and often the busiest room in the house.

#6 – The Home Office: There is important work to be done in this space and if functioning improperly can easily become overwhelming.

Can I work with an organizer while they are in my home or do they work alone?

Kirsten: A fantastic organizer will adjust their methodology to your goals, limitations and preferences. While most of my clients prefer to have their space organized for them, I often work side by side with a client. In either case, the client is in charge of what items are kept and those that might be donated or discarded.

The best organizers will ask the right questions of their clients to help them achieve their goals without passing judgement. They create a stress free atmosphere to facilitate the best, customized system for any client.

How will I keep it organized once they leave?

Kirsten: There are five tips for maintaining your blissful state: keep your goals in mind, multi-task, sort activities, accurately estimate required time, and no time like the present. Like any change in lifestyle, you need time, motivation and repetition to create a habit. Reward yourself for building these new skills and over time you will see results that keep you achieving your goals.

What if I can’t find anything?

Kirsten: With a great organizational system, it should be obvious where you would find something as all items will have a “home”, like items will always be stored together and the home will be well suited to how often and where that item is used.

However, it is not uncommon to wonder where a specific item might be, so my clients always have my mobile and text and ask.

Kirsten: I would like to add that many people are embarrassed to ask for the help of an organizer because they feel they “should” be able to keep themselves organized. Organization is not an innate talent. It is a skill that can be learned. It is also not something everyone enjoys. When you can ask a professional to help learn a new skill or avoid something you don’t enjoy, why live with the stress and frustration of not having the lifestyle you for yourself and your family.

*Kirsten has her own blog on her website that goes even deeper into these tips and trick! Check out the link below.

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Happy organizing!

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