Julia Brazier

Julia brings years of experience and knowledge to the team. She received her license in 2001. Julia has always been fascinated by homes.  To her, they are more than buildings, they have a "presence" or "soul".  Home represents safety, the enjoyment of friends and family, an expression of self.

When she became a Realtor, she  quickly realized the significance and responsibility of this profession; meeting people at such pivotal times in their lives; marriage, retirement, divorce, a growing family, job change, recently empty-nested, etc.

Julia believes it is essential that we earn our clients' trust and exceed their expectations.  Clients are often facing significant challenges at this time, and it is her belief that Realtors can ease the overall burden by being a trusted advocate.  Someone who has their best interest in mind.




She loves that St. Pete is a study in contrasts. Vibrant, peaceful, energized, relaxed, fun, tolerant, sunshine, summer storms, water. To Julia St. Pete truly has a sense of place and identity.

She knew no one when she came to St. Pete, but is now blessed with friends who were former clients.




Julia's Video Testimonials