Here's the inside scoop on how the wonderful Jenny Reese became a part of the YES-Homes Team!

Jenny is a true St. Petersburg native. She grew up in the old Northeast, and graduated from St. Pete High then headed off to UF.

Her father is a real estate attorney and her uncle is a developer so real estate is in her blood. Even during college while interning for Echelon she knew she wanted to be a part of the real estate community.

Jenny found her perfect niche with the YES-Ladies. While working for Disney in Orlando she knew she wanted to come back home to St. Pete and real estate was her calling. Her mother reached out to family friend Marian Yon Maguire...After a meeting with Rhonda and Marian she joined the team in August 2011.


Jenny is the go to girl on the team who works on a bit of everything including all admin work and open houses.

Marian describes Jenny as "the best multi taster I ever seen. I can't imagine our team without her. She knows what we need before we ask. I don't know how we lucked out and got her...but I know all of us at YES-Homes are truly blessed to have her."

And Rhonda says "Jenny can be described with one word --dependable. Jenny keeps our team running efficiently and is the stabilizing force. She is always in the office and is hands on with everything. Anything we need we call Jenny. She is our go to."

All in all Jenny is the glue that keeps the YES-Homes team together and running seamlessly!

Tata from the Ladies in Red!

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