New Construction; New Opportunities

Timing is everything and the time is now. It is an exciting time in many cities around the U.S. especially in our own Saint Petersburg. New Construction is popping up everywhere in downtown Saint Petersburg. There is a demand from the community for a diverse and exciting downtown. Sundial has opened its many doors, restaurants … Read more

8 Things Your Realtor Does When You Aren’t Watching

You know that your realtor is there to either sell or find you a house. Easy right? All realtors do much more than you think behind the scenes when they aren’t with you. Here are 8 important steps they take to help you with your home. ┬áCheck Out The Competition Before our ladies at Yes-Homes … Read more

2016 New Year’s Resolutions for the Ladies in Red

It’s a new year for our Yes-Homes team. Here’s a look at some of the goals the ladies have for the coming months! Rhonda’s resolution is for a healthier mind and body. She wants to eat heart healthy, and exercise more consistently.She is looking and praying for a long life and knows this starts with … Read more