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5 Ways To Make Moving Easy

Moving makes everyone a little nervous. Should you use a moving company or pack up yourself? When should the packing actually begin?

The questions can begin to pile up and before you know it you’re running around trying to pack up with only a week left.

Here are 6 ways to make moving easier!

1. Get started EARLY

No one likes the anxiety of doing things last minute. Give yourself at least 8 weeks to pack. Order the supplies or find the moving company and get everything in order.

There is A LOT of stuff in your house you won’t need during those 2 months so go ahead and get those packed up. If you are moving around spring or summer then get that winter gear packed and LABELED!

You should also start thinking about what you would want to leave with the house. Did you buy specific curtains, or lighting for the house?

2. Hiring THE RIGHT moving company

Nowadays there are many moving companies around. Some are good, some are great and some are downright terrible.

Do your research. Check out the reviews. Get recommendations from friends, family and your real estate agent.

Compare prices and find out how the rates work.

There are movers who use flat rates and there are others who do it by the hour. If they do it by the hour then make sure to take into consideration traffic, accidents, etc. This can add up quickly.

Make sure to get an insured mover who has the correct licenses to move you out of state!

And most importantly, use a mover you feel comfortable with. Meet them in person or talk to them over the phone.


If you’re getting started early then you’ll have plenty of time to separate everything into the correct boxes instead of just throwing everything in and hoping for the best.

Once you get to the new house the last thing you want to do is dig through 10 boxes to find the coffee maker.

This is especially important if you hire a moving company. You don’t want a mover coming to you every five minutes asking you where to put certain boxes.

It may take a little more time but in the end you’ll be happy you did it this way.

4. Get the extra insurance

If you hire a moving company then they will come with insurance but this only covers “30 cents per pound per item for an in-state move, or 60 cents for an interstate move” according to

So if the movers break a priceless vase that doesn’t weigh more than a pound then you won’t be getting much money back.

However, there is additional coverage you can buy through the moving company that would make the moving company either repair the broken item or replace. Make sure to ask your moving company about this option.

You may also have this coverage in your homeowner’s insurance so check this also before you make any additional coverage purchases.

5. Leave it all behind

There is a new trend lately where people have bought furniture specific for their house and decide to leave it behind for the new buyers. Buyers love the convenience of already having a furnished house and it takes the hassle out of moving for the sellers.

The #1 thing that buyers asked to be left is the patio furniture to at least have somewhere to relax during the move.


We know thinking about all of this can be anxiety producing or frustrating so take everything a little bit at a time.

If you start early then you can deal with things as they come instead of dealing with it all at once.

Also remember that moving can be fun!

You are going to your new dream home where you will make even more memories with your family!





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