Happy Thanksgiving from Yes-Homes

It’s that time of the year again for family and friends to come together and celebrate what we are all thankful for. Our Yes-Homes ladies are here to share what they are thankful for this year.

This has been a great year for the Ladies in Red.

Here is what the ladies are thankful outside of the business and their favorite Thanksgiving food or tradition!


*Rhonda is thankful to have her family at home and healthy. Especially thankful for her daughter’s help cooking in her new kitchen for 16 guests that are coming!

Rhonda’s favorite food is the sweet potato casserole with marshmellows on top!

*Marian is thankful for all of the smiling faces around the table each year, friends, and her family.

Marian loves setting the Thanksgiving table using her mother’s sterling silver, and her great grandmothers’ china linens.


*Jill is thankful for the friends and family that love and support her everyday. She says, “they give me the strength and courage to succeed.”

Jill’s fav food is her mom’s rutabaga.


*Carol is thankful for life itself. In these times of war, fear, illness, and innocent people dying, she is grateful everyday that we in America and can enjoy the warmth, love and good food with the ones we love.

*Jenny is thankful for her family, friends and a job she really enjoys!

Jenny’s favorite food is the cranberry sauce that will sit on the plate in the same shape as the can!

*Stephanie is thankful for her cats, her friends and music in her life.

Her favorite food at Thanksgiving is the salad.


And I, (Rachel) am thankful for my friends, family and being able to pursue my passion in writing!

My favorite food is all of it.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there! Tata from the Ladies in Red!