Open Houses Making a Comeback

Over the years open houses became less popular in the real estate world. This year though there has been a resurgence of open houses. Why is this?

For the Yes-Homes team open houses have several pros for both agents and clients.

It a great opportunity for networking.

A broker’s open allows agents to come in, mingle with other agents and see the home before they bring in clients. This usually happens within the first two weeks of a listing going live.

Agents for the open house can also do invitation only, for handpicked agents. This could bring in agents who might not usually go to that neighborhood.

Once the house is open to the public everyone can come by to see the house. Neighbors can use this to meet one another. This also helps give an example of what the lifestyle of the neighborhood is like to potential buyers.


These open houses provide a no pressure way to check out homes.

You can make it a fun day on the weekend to go around to the open houses in your area or in a neighborhood you think might be a great place to live. No hassle of making an appointment.

Open houses help introduce new clients to possible agents. Having trouble finding an agent that works for you? Open houses gives clients a chance to have a casual chat with the agents there.

An open house works wonders for everyone involved!

Check out our latest open house at 16011 4th St. East, Redington Beach, Florida 33708 Sunday September 27th from 1-3.

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