Wine: The New Decor?

glasswinecellarIf you’ve ever entertained then you’ve most likely pulled out a bottle of wine to share. There might be a wine rack or mini fridge in your pantry that has always been where you store the wine. But why not show it?

The newest trend with many new or renovated homes is a visible glass wine cellar or rack.

You may have seen this before in high scale restaurants. The home glass wine displays started out mostly on the West Coast but has now made its way to us here in Florida.glasswinecellar2

According to there are “34 homes for sale across the country with glass wine cellars and the list is growing fast.”

Our own Yes-Homes listing 3327 Overlook Drive NE has its own unique specialized glass wine rack which gives the house an even more beautiful luxury look.

Jenny Reese says of her listing, “It is the perfect room partition between kitchen and dining room for the expansive open concept design of the home. It is a show piece that never fails to wow.”

Below is just a glance at the spectacular 3327 Overlook Drive NE. For inquiries please contact Jenny Reese at or Stephanie Ellis