Will Pier Park be the perfect replacement?

The pier selection committee has voted and their top choice is Pier Park but will all of St. Pete embrace it? The last time the iconic St. Petersburg Pier was set to be replaced there was a vote that killed it. Everyone agrees we need a change so let’s take a look on why Pier Park will work.

If you read our last post on the Pier then you know Rhonda and Marian agreed that Pier Park was the way to go. While each option offered up different attractions Pier Park is one of the most versatile.

The Tampa Bay Times says:

The result is a plan that fills the daunting gap between uplands and pierhead with family-friendly activities, multiple access routes, event spaces and a shady “coastal thicket boardwalk. At the eastern end, a four-story “Pier Overlook” is flanked by a sloping lawn that can hold 4,000 people and concrete floating docks for fishing and lounging. A 7,600 square-foot ground floor restaurant with ability to accomodate large crowds outside the building and air-conditioned diners inside.

All of these options will bring in both locals and tourists especially with the excitement of exploring a new pier and everything it has to offer.


Now there will always be naysayers who don’t agree with Pier Park but this seems to offer something for everyone. It won’t involve the well known inverted

pyramid but will bring in some great modern amenities.

The biggest downfall is the price which is $46 million and who knows what other prices will pop up along the way. But if Saint Petersburg wants to stay relevant and have an exciting iconic pier then now is the time to move forward.

We will be following any changes and updates on Pier Park.

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