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Nicole Leverock

When did you get your real estate license? I have had my real estate license for 4 years. How did you find out about the team? I met Marian at Bob Hogue when I was studying for my broker’s associate license. How long have you been in Florida? I was born and raised in St. Petersburg and as a member of the Leverock family (well known in the hospitality industry in Pinellas County) gives me great local knowledge of the area in entertainment, education, and the real estate market. After graduating from Dixie Hollins School I attended St. Petersburg College. Did you do anything before real estate? I was a former flight attendant with Continental Airlines and then I raised two kids who are now twenty one and seventeen. Motherhood has been my greatest challenge and my greatest blessing. What do you love about St. Pete? Sunshine City! There are so many reasons why I love our community, the city of St. Petersburg, FL… the parks, nature, family friendly and age friendly events, bike trails, waterfront, world class beaches, but most important its our residents who support and generally care for each other. St. Pete is not only my hometown but it’s my inspiration, my workplace; everything that happens in the city and all of my experiences in it help me as a mother, friend, and business professional. The residents of St. Pete truly do care about the city… the way we cross the streets, the way we smile and greet each other, the way we keep our streets clean and generally do care about recycling, the designated bike paths and how they are actually observed by our drivers. The diversity and differing beliefs of residents is part of what makes St. Pete an interesting and remarkable place to live. Whether it is our city government, Chamber of Commerce (where I volunteer), or any number of our local support groups, listening to our residents is truly what makes St. Pete unique. We take time to understand the needs of our community, we put into action plans to make the community a better place to live and work. One of the biggest reasons I love St. Pete is that we take great pride in volunteering within our community. We give ourselves and our time with great compassion. We truly do care about each other. It’s through our actions in this community that change happens and gives me a greater purpose. What are your future goals? I want to continue helping my past clients plus new ones and to gain more knowledge about the downtown market.

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