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Oh Baby: Is your house child proof?

September is Baby Safety Month!

You may be a parent, a grandparent, god parent, friend of a parent, you name it, we’ve all had to child proof our homes at some point!

Kids love to explore and if you have an especially energetic adventurer then one minute they are there in front of you and the next they are gone. It’s especially nerve-wracking for those who do not have kids and a home that isn’t child proof. Your minds will start to wonder “what if they fall, hit their head, eat something they weren’t supposed to have?!”

Well, that’s why we put together a few child proofing tips for your home.

1. Supervise

For parents supervision may seem like a no brainer. However, once you watch these little guys, you will be astonished at what they can get into! Like we said earlier kids like to explore. They’re pretty new to this world and everything is something new and exciting. Every open door leads to even more stuff to look at and touch. If you don’t want to move around with them then shut doors before they come to the house. Keep a sharp eye, they will be gone before you know it!

2. Beware the little stuff 

This one kind-of goes hand in hand with supervising. Children like to taste things. Children are drawn to anything colorful or unusual. Vacuum or sweep before the children come over. I’ve seen a child literally try to eat out of a dust pan but you do not need to worry about that if you’ve already done it beforehand!

3. Move to higher ground

When a child sees you drinking something you enjoy then they usually will want to taste it. Again, in this new world of theirs they are using all their senses to figure out what everything is. If you don’t want your little friend to grab your drink and possibly spill it, then move to a counter top they cannot reach. Sure, a coffee table is meant for cups of coffee but that’s for the adults only parties.

This also goes for food being prepared in the kitchen. If the child is tall enough to reach a pot handle then they will probably try and grab the pot handle. Move all handles in so they aren’t over the edge.

4. Outdoor playtime

In Florida most of us have a body of water nearby, whether that’s a pool or the ocean. If you do not have a gate around your pool or a gate to the dock then do not let young children out on their own. For Floridians, we encourage all children to learn how to swim. Even if your child is an excellent swimmer there should always be a parent or guardian around nearby.

Outdoor play time is essential to help run out some of their everlasting energy.

5. Put Fluffy away 

Children love animals! And that’s great but not all animals love children. This is so important to remember if your animal has never met a child or dealt with a child’s energy. If you absolutely have to have the dog or cat out then bring out on a leash and tell the child to be gentle.

You need to read your pet’s attitude and reaction. If it looks like your animal is anxious in any way then put in the other room. We all have our personal space in which we feel comfortable and that includes animals. Read their emotions so there isn’t a trip to an emergency room in the future.

And if you feel uncomfortable or aren’t sure on how to make your home fully child proof then ask for advice! Ask those other parents, grandparents, god parents, and friends on what they’ve done to make their home safe.

September may be Baby Awareness Month but these rules can be applied year round. Babies and children are trying to learn their way around and they need your help. Guide them and monitor so they can turn out to be fantastic adults who baby proof their own homes!

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