2018: Start Your Home Resolutions

We are few weeks into the new year and you may or may not have started on a resolution. This could involve selling or buying a new home, updating your house or all of the above!

Here are some tips to making this the best year yet for you and your real estate!

1. Hire A Knowledgable Agent

Bring in a realtor and they can tell you what updates need to be done and what is on trend with the customers. This can be as simple as a paint color.

A knowledgable agent will know the market, the clientele and will be there to get YOU the best deal. It’s okay to ask for help! That is why real estate agents exist.

A seasoned agent will have many connections in the area. If you are looking to buy then tell them exactly what you want. A good agent will listen and already know where to take you.

They will have resources at their fingertips for the best marketing for selling as well. This will include a photographer, social media marketing, etc. Don’t settle for less!

They know what works, trust them!


2.Organize And Declutter

This is important even if you don’t want to sell your home. 

There are articles upon articles about how organizing and decluttering your home can make you a happier and healthier person. The new year is the perfect time to begin this.

You may be overwhelmed by the idea of cleaning out your house. The best way to start is to choose a small area. I particularly like going to the kitchen first because all of the expired goods can immediately be thrown out. No sentimental thinking about that!

You’ll be amazed how accomplished you feel when you’ve finished this.

You’ll be able to walk into a clean kitchen and know where everything is.

Organizing your home before a sale is key. If your house is cluttered with stuff then it is very hard for a buyer to imagine their things in there plus it makes the rooms and house look smaller.

You don’t want all your things to hold you back from a quick and easy sale.


3. Go Ahead And Make Those Updates

Listen, we aren’t telling you to tear out an entire wing of your house before you sell it. But the smaller renovations should be made. Get a fresh coat of paint. If you have a broken sliding glass door then get that fixed. Rough floors? Get those done.

Stay within budget but go ahead and do it.

Again, if a buyer walks in and can’t see themselves living there then they are going to walk. If it seems like there’s alot of work to be done then you may only get lowball offers.

This goes for the outside as well. Get rid of the overgrown bushes and go with something simple. Less is more.

It may seem backwards to spend more on a place you want to sell but this will bring in the buyers you want.


The market is hot right now so if you’ve been thinking about selling or buying then it’s time to get started.

Make 2018 the year you get your dream home!