8 Things Your Realtor Does When You Aren’t Watching

You know that your realtor is there to either sell or find you a house. Easy right? All realtors do much more than you think behind the scenes when they aren’t with you. Here are 8 important steps they take to help you with your home.

 Check Out The Competition

Before our ladies at Yes-Homes even gets a listing they spend several hours running a current market analysis and looking over MLS. Real estate is constantly changing and a good realtor will want to stay on top of every change. The ladies will find out statistics and comparable properties in the neighborhoods before they even meet the client.

Window Shopping

Marian drives home a different way every night. Why? To see if anything new has popped up on sale or sold. Nothing beats a real time look at what’s going on. This way, if it hasn’t been updated online then at least the ladies will already be in the know.


Social Hour

Thursdays the Yes-Homes team holds their broker’s open where the team and other real estate agents who have properties in the same neighborhood can have open houses. This gives the agents a chance to network and discuss possible deals.

There are also pitch sessions where the realtors meet at a common meeting ground to “pitch” their properties. Again this gives them a chance to meet up and hopefully seal the deal!

Staging, Marketing, Ads, Oh MY!

Our Yes-Homes team wants you to have the best experience possible. This means making the whole process quick and painless. The ladies spend hours figuring out what is the best way to advertise and market your home.

They start with staging to make it look like a magazine cover and then send in the professional photographer to get the perfect shot that will catch the buyer’s eye. They put these up on social media, in magazines, and anything else that will work to get the ball rolling. And remember this all comes out of their own pocket.

Offers, Offers, Offers

At Yes-Homes the most important person is the client. Your realtor should be looking for the best deal for you. And this means spending alot of time negotiating to get it. They will work tirelessly to with offers and counter offers until they find what works best.

 Inspector Agent

While the inspection is going on your real estate agent is inspecting also. They are there to be your eyes and ears. The agent will be able to report back to you on any concerns without you having to spend your time at the inspection.


Smooth Operator

Remember your agent is there to make this as easy as possible. Everyone wants a smooth ride so that all comes out to a win-win. Be honest with your realtor and don’t be afraid to tell them what you want. A good agent is there for emotional support and is there when something needs to be fixed.

There Til The Very End

An agent’s job is not done until the dotted line is signed and the client is happy. Your realtor should be there to set up a final walk through and the closing. Happy clients mean happy realtors.



Tata from the Ladies in Red!