All In The Family: Multigenerational Living

grandparentshome“Empty nesting” may be a thing of the past. The real estate game in the U.S. is changing, with less available housing at higher prices. This leads an increase in multigenerational family homes and it may be more popular than you think!

According to about 19% of all Americans in 2014 lived in mutligenerational homes. For some this might be reminiscent of the 1950s when about 21% of Americans lived with loved ones.family1950

So why is it rising now?

Well most of it comes down to the economy. Prices are still rising and just not enough homes are on the market.

Plus millennials, a generation plagued with school loans and low¬†salaries, just can’t afford to buy a home.

Multigenerational living has its perks. Young couples can receive help from older relatives with children while the older generation can have a caregiver.

And some builders are even making homes specifically for this kind of family. reports Partners In Building is a company in Texas that has 25% to 30% of its business in multigenerational homes.

Most of these homes include a separate entrance to a suite including a kitchenette among other amenities.

Sounds like the perfect answer to families looking for a home to share!