DIY or Do it for me! Lawn and Pool care

You’ve been looking for a home to buy and your real estate agent drives up to the perfect home with the perfect lawn. Seems a little too perfect? It might be easy to get caught up in the staging and lush green curb appeal of a home but keep in mind this is something you will have to keep up with. Not a bad problem to have but it should be taken into consideration. This also goes for the beautiful pool in the backyard.

lawn care┬áThe acreage of your property and the size of the pool should be taken into consideration. The larger the land the more work will have to go into it. And this is great if you are willing to take care of it! If you don’t and decide to sell this will affect how quickly it sells. Curb appeal is so important in real estate and even if you don’t mind looking at your grass turn brown, a buyer will. Not to mention the neighbors sure won’t like it!

So here’s the big question, do it yourself or hire a service? There are pros and cons to both of these but in Florida you have to remember lawn and pool care will be year round because let’s face it we don’t have a winter. Do you have the time and knowledge to get this done?


In the long run for Floridians it might be easier to hire a lawn and pool service. They will take care of all the little details and will most likely only run you about $150 a month. This is comparison to you buying a mower, getting gas for the mower, perhaps getting a hedge trimmer, among so many other things.

One important factor when hiring these services is to tell them in the beginning what you want from them. It may seem obvious to you that they should mow the lawn, water the flowers and maintain general upkeep but this may not be what they see. It’s always easier to set these standards right off the bat rather than call them back to do what you wanted done. Do you want them to plant flowers or trees? Do you want them to only mow the lawn? Should they trim the trees or shape a hedge?

Same goes for the pool service. Do you want them to sweep the bottom of the pool? Only clean out the drain? Put chemicals in it? Again, this may seem obvious but it doesn’t take long to go over these tasks.


Don’t let this deter you from going for the house with the big yard and luxury pool. With every house comes maintenance plus these factors may pull in a buyer if you decide to sell. When it comes to a house with no yard or pool versus one with, the buyer will mostly likely go with the one that has it.

Weigh in these costs when buying your house. You never want to have unforeseen costs pop up after you just made your most expensive purchase. It never hurts to be over prepared.

And just think of that lovely Sunday afternoon with your legs kicked up in your new house seeing your green grass and glistening pool out your back door. Nothing beats that.

Tata from the Ladies in Red!