Fall in Florida: Preparing for Sweater Weather?


So us Floridians may not necessarily be preparing for “Sweater Weather” but we do still need to take steps to ready our home for fall and winter.

Florida summer is hot. There is hasn’t been a summer that I can remember where I went outside and said “Oh how lovely and cool it is out here.”

Naturally, when it’s hot outside we want it cold inside. This means your air conditioning bill has been quite frightening especially if there is a leak or something out of wack.

Fortunately, slightly cooler weather means this bill will go down. And while you aren’t running the AC every day all day this is the perfect time to get it checked up on and updated if need be.

Bring out the AC man to do a once over so that when summer arrives again your unit will be in tip top shape.fallbeach

Another check up that many Floridians may forget about is bringing in a chimney sweep.

There are those one off days in February where it is definitely chilly enough for a fire or you may just enjoy the ambience.

A chimney sweep can come in and make sure no critters have taken up residence, check for cracks and any other needed maintenance. Bringing a chimney sweep in for $350 is a lot cheaper than $2,000 to $4,500 repair.

Speaking of fire, this is a great time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. Smoke detectors can often be forgotten so it is a good habit to change the batteries at the beginning of fall and spring.

Now to the outside! For Florida, this time of year, we are in the midst of hurricane season. It is a great time to look over the roof and check for any loose shingles or cracks. Again, fall is a good time to make this a habit.

While up there clean out the gutters as best you can. Clogged gutters can lead to water damage and homes for rodents.

Let’s not forget about the yard. Even though Florida doesn’t get as cold as many other states it is still chilly for some flowers and plants. Cover the most fickle with burlap.

Keep an eye out for soil drying out. Just because its not scorching out doesn’t mean the plants don’t need as much water.

And of course enjoy some football in your fall ready home!

Stay cool and tata from the Ladies in Red!