Fixing To Sell

So you are getting ready to sell your house and that means you just need to clean up a bit right?

Well, if you want to get the most for your home then you should probably consider doing some basic renovations before your house hits the market.


It may seem like more work for no reason but renovating will actually help you achieve your highest resale price. Most buyers are looking for homes that are ready to move into right away.

The first step is to bring in your realtor and ask their advice on new and upcoming trends inside the housing market.

The idea is to make your home as up-to-date as possible without breaking the bank.


This means that you should think decorating rather than structural.

Look for what colors are popular and what is new in appliances such as a microwave drawer.

Perhaps a fire pit on the patio or just new knobs and counters in the kitchen will do the trick.

Your location will also determine what is hot or not. If you are a city dweller then there may be more of an industrial look going on. In a traditional neighborhood or a beach town there will be different aesthetics.

A good realtor will always talk to you about things that need to be done in the house in regards to decorating and what will work.

Sometimes it just takes a little paint!