Fresh Spring Fun

Spring is here! Many people have their traditions when it comes to Easter, Passover or just spring decorating.  Some dye eggs or have good ole easter egg hunt or enjoy some lovely homemade matzah. Here are some ways to have fun with your loved ones at home!

Peep Houses


Everyone loves a good ginger bread house so for spring make a beautiful edible peep house!

Check out: Peep Houses







Speckled Mason Jars


Mason jars can be used for practically anything: vases, storage, cups, you name it! So why not make them beautiful?

Check it out: speckled mason jars






Paint Chip Garland


This might be the cheapest and cutest craft ever! Go to your local paint shop, grab some paint chips and start shaping!

Paint Chip Garland





Wire Bunnies


These precious little bunnies would be perfect for any room. You and your family can try all different kinds of shapes or creatures as well!

For the tutorial visit: Wire Bunny






Family Time Together

Once the crafting is done, remember to take time and enjoy the time together. If you celebrate Easter or Passover then embrace the traditions with your family. Pass down traditions and tell your kids what the holiday means to you.

Have a wonderful spring!

Tata from the Ladies in Red!