Home Warranties for the Win

Buying or selling a home can be a time of anxiety and stress.

What if something breaks once you’ve signed the dotted line?

homewarrantyhomeOr the buyers won’t commit until everything is in perfect condition? These improvements can add up. Home warranties provide some relief and peace of mind.

The Yes-Homes team believes that everyone should have a home warranty on their homes. Because really, why not?

Even for the most up to date luxury home things can happen.

Say you move in and lightning strikes your pool pump. Home warranty will cover this. Instead of paying $300+ you will only have to pay $75 because of the warranty.

A home warranty can work for both seller and buyer for any kind home problem that arises.

Now which one to choose?

Google will show you every option possible through a simple search but which one is the best?

Read the local reviews and also ask your real estate agent which one they would recommend. The two most popular Yes-Homes use are Old Republic and America Home Shield.

home-warrantyclaimCompare the co pays and make sure you understand everything that the warranty covers. Just a little bit of research will go a long way.

Once you’ve chosen your warranty, then set up your account. There is no set time for things to break down so have the warranty ready as soon as possible.

If something does break then make sure to call your home warranty company FIRST. Home warranty companies have very specific vendors they work with and you most likely will not be reimbursed if you try to hire your own or do it yourself.

Home warranties will benefit you in the short and long run!