Inside The Nights of Networking

Networking is a huge part of any career especially for real estate. This can come in the form of a party, broker’s open, open house, or even a lunch date. The Ladies in Red know how to network. They know that networking is the key to success.


Here is a little inside look at a couple events that went on this week for our Yes-Homes team.

Last weekend One St. Petersburg, one of the (soon-to-be) most luxurious residency of downtown, put on an exclusive party for the Yes-Homes ladies and their guests.


On a slightly smaller scale but still exciting was our broker’s open on Thursday.

As told in previous posts broker’s opens and open houses are a must have in our market. They give the buyers a chance to open their homes in a safe and inviting way.

The One St. Petersburg event included a look at the units available and a cocktail party to mingle. Since the building is still in its early stages there was a video slide show and models for a closer look.

One is owned by Kolter, a residential development company with over 20 years of experience. Yes-Homes and their guests were on an invite only list to see how our St. Petersburg downtown is expanding.

And if looking for a new home these guests are some of the first to get a unit because they were connected to Yes-Homes.


It all ended with a champagne gift from the Ladies in Red!

Check out for a better look inside this newest addition to our beautiful downtown.

If interested in joining the ladies for these events please email to be added to our mailing list.