Net Neutrality: What To Know

You may have read the words “net neutrality” lately and thought nothing of it. Another vague word government officials are saying and you don’t have time to delve into it. But this is one matter that you should pay attention to. This will affect anyone who uses the internet. As a “small business” who uses social media and our web presence as a marketing source we do not want the loss of net neutrality.

Here are some key things to know about net neutrality :

What exactly is “NET NEUTRALITY”?
The cheap and openly accessible Internet you have now.

The rules put in place prohibited internet service providers from blocking or favoring any specific broadband content.

WHAT is the FCC planning to do?
A handful of telecom conglomerates (ex: COMCAST, Verizon) would control what you get and at what speed. They would be able to charge web companies access to their “fast lanes,” basically what you would be able to watch at a normal speed.

The larger companies such as Netflix or Amazon would have to pay for the access thus most likely raising the rates on you, the consumer. The smaller web companies would have no chance and be delegated to a slow lane (the no load zone). Unless they wanted to raise the money to pay the large sums to the internet service providers (ISPs).

Plus if these conglomerates decided they didn’t want certain information out there then they could block this. They would have to say so but as we know, this could easily be buried and the mass consumer population would never notice.

WHY are they doing this?

The current FCC chairman Ajit Pai was formerly a lawyer for Verizon. This will truly only benefit the ISPs involved while everyone pays to line their comfy pockets.

The FCC will vote on this on Dec. 14th.

Go to THIS LINK (set up by John Oliver):
On the righthand side, click the word “+Express” and a form will pop up.

1. Go to:
2. Enter (under “Proceeding”) the numbers 17-108.
3. In comments, say you support Title 2 oversight of ISPs. Also say that you support net neutrality. (I used the exact statement, “I support Title 2 oversight of ISPs and net neutrality.”)