New Construction; New Opportunities

Timing is everything and the time is now.

It is an exciting time in many cities around the U.S. especially in our own Saint Petersburg.

New Construction is popping up everywhere in downtown Saint Petersburg. There is a demand from the community for a diverse and exciting downtown. Sundial has opened its many doors, restaurants are booming, and the waterfront has never been more popular. The Yes-Homes ladies are right in the thick of things.


It’s a new era.

The Yes-Homes team is a leader in the industry. They’ve learned how to verbally sell so buyers can envision the home since it hasn’t been built yet. ¬†They have specialized in new construction for the past 12 years. Many developers rely on their expertise for the latest customer desires and to enlist their marketing services.

If your buyer isn’t finding any house that they love, new construction spec homes or a custom build are great alternatives. the main focus quickly becomes the location. And Rule #1 is all about location, location, location!

These two options will most likely take more time but it will be exactly what you wanted in your home. Rhonda and Marian like to say “find the perfect view, build the Florida dream.” And who doesn’t want their dream home?

When looking for a new home always weigh your choices. New construction is a great option for buyers if you have the time. From dirt to completion, time will average 9-12 months You want what will work best for you and your family. The Ladies in Red are here to help you talk through the process.

For more on these exciting new times check out the article by The St. Petersburg Tribune…see link below!

Tata from the Ladies in Red!