Print vs. Digital: What Works?

In this day and age most everything is online, but is this the only way to go when it comes to putting out and gathering information? In real estate this is a question every agent has had to ask themselves: What works best, print or digital?


Real estate is a personal business with most clients wanting to see their agent and the homes face to face. This might seem obvious to some but throughout the most recent years there have been many who have bought homes from overseas with only pictures online to go by.

Now more than ever the relationship the client forms with the agent needs to be built on trust and honesty.

Our blog has touched on in the past the importance of finding the realtor that is the perfect fit and this is still the case.


But back to the question of what works better? Right now is a time where there are several different generations looking for homes.

There is the generation that grew up with mostly digital and there is another that grew up with print.

So what do realtors decide to do? Well, Yes-Homes has made a hybrid of both print and digital sourcing. This seems to work best and not exclude any client.

At an open house there are still flyers with information to take home but this is also on the website.

Cards are available but again this is online as well.

Our team enjoys an active facebook and social media.

Face to face will always be a priority. There must be time made to meet with our customers, ask the important questions and find out their wish list and must haves.

Real Estate for Yes-Homes is still a personal business. And by making it a personal business you can find out what your client needs.

There may always be a back and forth on whether print or digital is better but why not create something unique that works for you?

Join us this Sunday April 17th for our Paint The Town Red Day, An Open House Event from 12-2!