Splashing Into Summer: Pool Trends

Obviously, all of us in Florida know the summer can get very very hot. All you want is a way to cool down. One of those ways is taking a dip in your pool. Pools have transformed over the years in shape and size. You want to get your best bang for your buck. Here are some of the cool pool additions taking form. You may even get an idea for your very own!

Sun Shelf Pool

Sometimes you don’t want to submerge yourself into the pool and just want to dip your feet in while relaxing. The “shelf” is a shallow flat area at one end of the pool. You can bring in lounge chairs to lay back on while still enjoying the water. Also ideal for small children, a pet or someone handicap.

The water may cool you off but the sun will still be blazing and all day outside in the pool can equal one terrible sunburn. This is also where the Sun Shelf Pool comes in. In many of these types of pools there are bases for umbrellas built in.sun shelf pool

Another way to use the Sun Shelf is to add spa features. You may not want to build a completely separate jacuzzi so you could add jets, or bubblers to the shelf.

The Sun Shelf is the best way to start an upgrade if you don’t have any extra room. It gives you a way to add features to the pool area without taking up space.

The Smart Pool

Everyone is always on some kind of technology so why not use an app for your pool? Realtor.com reports pool designers connected all the workings of the pool to the phone of the owner. “The water features, including the lights, fire pots, water wall, fountain, and spa can all be operated remotely from the smartphone.”

The Vacation Pool

We have all seen a decked out pool at a hotel so why not bring that to your home? Multi-level? Check. Swim-up bar? Check. Fire pit? Check. Ok, you don’t have to do everything but why not have a little of that 5 star atmosphere in your backyard.swimupbarpool

More than likely you and your family will be spending a lot of time in the backyard and in the pool this summer.

This is an investment that is worth it especially if you have the space to add-on. Just weigh which addition you think your family will use the most.

Sports Pool

Do you and your friends love to play water sports? Then this pool may be the one for you. This pool is shallow on both ends while deeper in the middle. It is ideal for sports like volleyball or basketball. Just like the vacation pool you should take into consideration what you enjoy to do the most in the pool.

Really no matter which pool design you choose you can’t go wrong because you still have a cool, clean body of water in your backyard! It’s all about what works for your aesthetic.

Remember building a pool is not a fast add-on. It is best to start in the colder seasons so when it is scorching out you can just jump right in.

Tata from the Ladies in Red!

Stay cool this summer!