The Equifax Breach: What You Can Do

In the midst of hurricane season a credit reporting company breach may be the last thing you are worried about. The credit reporting company Equifax recently had a data breach and revealed information of over 143 million consumers has been compromised according to

This information includes social security numbers, addresses, credit card numbers — all stolen.

Right now we are playing the waiting game on what these hackers will do with the information. But ultimately it could affect your ability to get a mortgage, a credit card or pass a security check for a new job.

What You Can Do

Check to see if you were affected by this breach. To check head over online to:

If you have been affected then call the major credit reporting companies immediately to put a freeze on your credit.

Equifax: 800-349-9960
Experian: 888‑397‑3742
TransUnion: 888-909-8872

You can usually do a freeze online as well so if the lines are busy then try this way. Remember, millions of people are trying to call in at once so it make take a few tries to get it done but it is better than someone stealing and using your information.

This will not affect your current credit or credit cards. This will just stop anyone from being able to access your personal information or open up credit cards/loans in your name. It is easy to unfreeze when you need to for a small fee.

Stay on top of your credit and report any suspicious activity immediately. It is much better to report it early on. Add alerts to your credit cards and accounts so everything is sent to you as soon as it happens.

There isn’t a guide on what these hackers will do with the information at the moment so take all the precautions you can.