The Storied History of Homes and How Your Realtor Can Find The One That Fits

Every home has a story whether new or old. Finding your dream home means deciding what is most important and then becoming a part of that home’s history. With the right realtor any buyer will be able to find that perfect match.

In real estate the #1 priority for an agent is to listen to what the client wants. They should take notes on a dream home’s wish list and look for the home that will work best.

There are many buyers who look to buy an older home. These are rich in history in both small and large ways.

If looking for an historical home, ask you realtor about who might of lived there or if it is a part of the historical register. A perk is having original fixtures or flooring because they can be so intricate and beautiful.

But no matter how old the home there is always a history there.

Even new construction will have a history about the land and the neighborhood. Real estate gives us all a connection to one another.

With the help of an experienced realtor a buyer will be able to determine which home is the perfect fit.  


Currently our own Yes-Homes team has two historical listings.

1344 Brightwaters is where Perry Snell, the founder of Snell Island, lived. It has the original flooring and even a restoration piece from an old school in the kitchen. For a buyer who is looking for a historical home this one is a great find.


955 39th Avenue North is a home that was developed by Cade Allen, the founder of Allendale.

It also has original fixtures and is stone clad (a staple for Allen’s homes). This home is literally rock solid.

For more information on our listings both historical and new please contact Rhonda Sanderford at 727-643-7346 or

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