Tips To Survive Halloween

Halloween is tomorrow and I’m sure you’ve been preparing your house for the onslaught of trick or treaters. Some of you may even be planning to hide in the kitchen and ignore all the door bell rings but BEWARE trick or treaters don’t like to miss out on their candy. And no matter how you hide they will find you!

Here are some fun tips on how to survive the spookiest night of the year.

1. If you aren’t giving out candy then turn off your porch light! 

Your door bell will ring all night long if you don’t turn your porch light off. Even if you have absolutely no decorations, a porch light is the universal go ahead for someone is home and ready to hand out candy.

2. NO fruit, raisins, or anything unwrapped. 

At this point this should be a given but there’s always that one neighbor who thinks okay to hand out candied apples.

You may know most of your neighbors but there will be kids coming around who are trick or treating with friends and their parents are not going to allow them to eat anything unwrapped. That candied apple you spent so much time on will go in the trash.

Raisins. I mean, no one eats those when its not a holiday so don’t waste your money.

3. Not every kid is a fan of Fido.

Dogs are great. They are a part of our family. However, halloween is not a time to see if your dog is afraid of masked children. There are many children out there who also have a fear of dogs and you don’t want to ruin their night. Keep your doggies in the backroom when the kids come by. It’ll make for a smoother night for all.

4. Keep the decorations PG-13 at most.

If you live in a family friendly neighborhood then you’ll probably have a busy night of young trick or treaters. Halloween may be your favorite holiday and horror your favorite genre but that doesn’t mean you have to put it in your front yard. I’m all for artistic expression but remember your audience.

Give them a little fright but don’t scar them for life. Keep the truly gory and gruesome display for your adult Halloween party.

5. Thinking the “pick one” sign will work.

You may have kids yourself and will be out trick or treating with them while kids come by for candy. In an ideal world you would put out your bucket of candy with directions to take one piece of candy and the children who abide by this rule. Unfortunately, this is probably not the way it’ll go down but that’s okay!

Kids are running amuck in the streets high off sugar so there most likely will be that one kid who puts the whole bowl of candy in his bag. You’ll just have to shrug this off as a lesson for him to learn once he gets the inevitable stomach ache. Enjoy the night and don’t sweat the small stuff!

Have a fun and safe night out there!

Happy Halloween!