When To Sell Your Home

So you’ve decided to move. You have an idea on what you want and where you want to go, but how do you sell the home you’re in now and when?

This question comes up all the time for Rhonda and Marian.

They’re experienced realtors in a place where there are seasonal buyers. Florida has its infamous snow bird season where northerners migrate down, internationals fly over and many are looking for a place of their own. However, they both say that shouldn’t affect when you put your house up for sell. Don’t wait. There is never the absolute perfect time to sell. There are always buyers and with the help from a seasoned agent you will be able to find them in a reasonable amount of time.

Another marketing strategy of the trade is to put “Coming Soon” signs out. Your house may not be quite market ready and you need some time to get everything together. “Coming Soon” can start to attract buyers and still give you time to tie all the loose ends. The number one thing to remember a house is your largest investment and that you want to get as much back as you put in. On our next post we will discuss staging the house and what exactly needs to be done to be market ready.


Stay tuned for more!

Tata from The Ladies in Red