Real Estate: All in the family

40 years ago Mr. P.L. Yon of Yon Realty sold a property to Dr. Edgar Buren and there began the transformation into Seven Oaks.

Before it became Seven Oaks, the home was just 1700 North Shore Dr. NE.

In present day Seven Oaks is now a beautiful estate fashioned after the White House. Dr. Buren painstakingly worked on each and every room while staying in the garage apartment.


Recently it came time for Seven Oaks to go up for sell. Dr. Buren thought the only one who could sell it would be Marian Yon Maguire, Mr. P.L and June Yon’s daughter.

This 100 year old home needed a unique buyer and Marian was ready to find them. The house is set on 4 lots across from North Shore Park. It has the main house as well as an garage apartment, and art studio.  Seven Oak had 40 years of upgrades and had transformed into a true luxury estate. It was listed at 2.35 million.

Marian was successful in finding the perfect buyer and Dr. Edgar Buren handed over the 100 year old skeleton key to the new owners. Seven Oaks, created by Dr. Buren’s ambition to create a luxury estate in St Pete. It happened through the help of Mr. Yon. Now¬†Seven Oaks lives on through this new family from the help of Marian Yon Mcguire.

1700NorthShoreDrNELivingRoom 1700NorthShoreDrNEGreatRoom 1700NorthShoreDrNEDiningRoom

Real Estate helps create. It forms our city. For Marian, it was the family business, Yon Realty. Today Marian and her daughter Stephanie continue the family business with YES-Homes.

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