Jill Dunn

Let’s start the year off right with a look at our amazing team member Jill Dunn! Jill has been a part of the Yes-Homes team since 2012 and right away she became a great addition to the Ladies in Red. Jill knew she was ready to get back to work once her children had gotten older. She was presented with the opportunity to join the Yes Team. Jill told me “most people have to start out by themselves but I get to work with and get experience from Rhonda and Marian. I feel really lucky.” It all started with Jill announcing at a baseball game that she had gotten her real estate license and was joing the Yes-Homes ladies. One of her friends there asked if she could take them to see Hulk Hogan’s home which had beem on the market….Her friend ended up buying Hulk Hogan’s home! hulkhoganhome This was the kick off to a great new career. So far Jill has brought numerous buyers and listings to Yes-Homes and has become a essential part of the team. Rhonda and Marian only have great things to say… Rhonda says she “loves working with her because she is high energy, knowledgable, and exciting to be around.” Marian adds “Jill is a natural at luxury real estate. She understands what the clients wants and lives it too. Watching her present a home to buyer’s is like watching Vanna White turn the letters…effortless. She is always in tune with the market and her network of friends which translate into a great ambassador for all the Ladies in Red at Yes-Homes.”

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