2016 New Year’s Resolutions for the Ladies in Red

It’s a new year for our Yes-Homes team. Here’s a look at some of the goals the ladies have for the coming months!


Rhonda’s resolution is for a healthier mind and body. She wants to eat heart healthy, and exercise more consistently.She is looking and praying for a long life and knows this starts with her doing all the right things along the way.


Marian wants to be the Queen of follow up and have a can do attitude.

Jill is excited about learning to cook healthier cleaner meals for her family.

Jenny is aiming to keep a cleaner house.

Stephanie also wants to keep a cleaner house. She is looking forward to going to Europe and releasing a music EP.


Carole McGurk would like to think before she responds to her husband and wants to call her brothers more.


Overall the ladies are looking forward to a great and successful year!

Tata and Happy New Year’s from the Ladies in Red!