From The Ladies In Red

Real Estate. We pass it daily whether it is commercial or residential. It is all around and will always be here. But who’s behind the moves and deals? The Yes-Home Team. The Ladies in Red. The women who are defined by their tagline: Luxury is as easy as Yes. Meet Rhonda Sanderford, Marian Maguire and their team.

A day in the life of one of the most successful real estate teams in Saint Petersburg, Florida is busy to say the least. From the moment the sun breaks through the humidity-ridden clouds the ladies are checking their emails. This is just second nature for them.


Check the calendar, check messages, and return calls — All before they even step inside the office. Once at the office everything may change. 

Real Estate is a fluid and fickle market so the realtors must be just as fluid and even more flexible when it comes to day to day work. The Yes ladies, however, have one appointment that stays firmly on the calendar. Their lunch date. No matter what, Rhonda and Marian set off for lunch so they can discuss what has happened and what needs to happen during the day. As the leaders they know that they must be on the same page to be successful. Rhonda says, “there is no ‘I’ in Yes-Homes. We both need to be informed and communicate with each other.”

Even from the day they met in 2003 they saw something in one another that resonated. Two well dressed business women who had the same goals but different gifts. Marian came with a strong knowledge in the listing side and Rhonda had a successful background with buyers. Together they made a superior realtor.

Then came the branding…

Yes-Homes was easy to come up with. YES stood for their names and gave a personal connection to every deal they made.

The red. A power color used throughout history and already a favorite of the ladies sealed the brand and helped create the powerhouse they now are. And it has obviously worked. Marian says, “People comment on it all the time, and said it’s like we’ve stepped off the pages of the magazine.” Also the listing and closing appointments sometimes need that little extra magic that great outfit can give. Rhonda says she is “a little superstitious so I wear something red on closing day because it brings a wee bit of good luck.”

But really, these ladies don’t even need luck because from sunrise to sunset they are working to bring great deals to their clients.

This weekly blog will show what it is like behind the scenes of successful women in Real Estate. There will be tips, secrets, and trend spotting in Real Estate. The YES-Homes team will be able to use their experience and knowledge to answer every buy and seller’s question.

Tata for now from the Ladies In Red!