Going Once, Going Twice, SOLD

Getting an offer on your home can be the best feeling in the world. Finally, you can move out and get settled in your new home. But what happens when you’ve pretty much accepted an offer and a better one comes along?

Unfortunately, you can’t just drop one buyer for the better one, unless you haven’t signed a contract then technically the home is still available.

Always… make sure to check the contingencies on the contract such as a home inspection or mortgage.

Your agent will go over all of the contingencies and make you aware of the timeline affecting the contract.

As a seller, having these deadlines are crucial to a timely closing.

If you are in a multiple offer situation you want to look closely at all terms on the contracts. This will help decide which is the better fit.

In the market today a seller is likely to get several offers right off the bat because of high demand and low supply. If this is the case for you, your realtor will make a multiple offer presentation. Your realtor will inform the buyer’s realtors of this situation so buyers will know to put their best offer forward.

This is one of the best scenarios for sellers because the buyers are trying to outbid one another. Many times the sale will be above listing price. So don’t rush and review all the options! Terms are just as important as price.

As always, listen to your agent because they know the market best.

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