Ladies who Lunch: Recipe for Success

A real estate agent needs to be a people person. New clients come in, current clients need help, and every day is a networking opportunity. The Ladies in Red found the best way to do this was to go to lunch.

With any business there is always a need for networking to become more successful. Marian and Rhonda found that this to be 100% true for them as well. For them they were able to mix business and pleasure. St. Petersburg has a bustling downtown so why not use that to their advantage?

In the early years of Yes Homes Marian and Rhonda would set out to the best lunch spot armed and ready to mingle and network.

Communicating what Yes Homes represents is key while networking. This is a time to let potential clients know what your business stands for and first impressions can make or break a deal.


If you are looking for a real estate agent it also helps to find one that friends or family have already used and trust. The relationship between a real estate agent and their client depends on trust and this can be found more easily when you know someone else who trusts that agent.

Whether you are looking for a real estate agent or starting out on your own, remember to always use networking to your advantage. One connection can lead to an even better one. It is all about building upon what you already have. Yes Homes realized this early on and it has led to huge success.

Happy networking!

Tata from the Ladies in Red!