Team Member Spotlight: Julia Brazier

Yes-Homes is ecstatic to welcome our newest member Julia Brazier! Julia brings years of experience and knowledge to the team. Below is a look into Julia and her path in real estate.

When did you get your real estate license?

JuliaBrazierandpup (1)Why did you decide to get your real estate license?

I’ve always been fascinated by homes.  To me, they are more than buildings, they have a “presence” or “soul”.  Home represents safety, the enjoyment of friends and family, an expression of self.

The Internet and I matured at about the same time. I spent quite a bit of time online researching homes; property records, historical significance, taxes, and the families who had lived there.  My friends thought it odd behavior, but I found the research quite enjoyable. Perhaps my friends were odd.

What did you realize about real estate that you didn’t know before? 

When I became a Realtor, I quickly realized the significance and responsibility of this profession.  We meet people at such pivotal times in their lives; marriage, retirement, divorce, a growing family, job change, recently empty-nested, etc.

It is essential that we earn our clients’ trust and exceed their expectations.  Clients are often facing significant challenges at this time, and it is my belief that Realtors can ease the overall burden by being a trusted advocate.  Someone who has their best interest in mind.

Did you do anything before real estate?JuliaBrazierDrone

Yes. I have a degree in Business Administration with a minor in Computer Science. For 23 years I sold, taught and consulted on high-end financial software and database systems primarily for Fortune 500 companies and municipalities.

Why choose Yes-Homes?

Over the years, I’ve come to know Marian and Rhonda through various showings and sucessful closings. I’ve admired them both for their dedication, market knowledge, honesty and belief in win-win results. They consistently treat all parties with respect, and their prompt, effective communication skills are outstanding.

How did you find out about the team?

Showing their listings and vice versa.

How long have you been in Florida?

I moved to St. Pete in 2000 from my hometown of Washington, D.C. and never looked back! Nice place to visit, but…

What do you love about St. Pete?JuliaBrazierandClient

St. Pete is a study in contrasts. Vibrant, peaceful, energized, relaxed, fun, tolerant, sunshine, summer storms, water.

St. Pete truly has a sense of place and identity.

I knew no one when I came to St. Pete, but am now blessed with friends who were former clients.


What have you learned from the team so far?

My previous perceptions were correct. Truly a professional, caring, clever, hard-working team of classy ladies! Quality abounds.

What are your future goals?

I’m flexible. Whatever the plan, I’ll do my best!