Working From Home: The New Age

Have you ever wished you could just work from home instead of commuting to a stuffy office? This is actually becoming quite common for many people. They no longer have to sit in traffic or work from a cubicle with no windows.

There are many condominiums and apartment buildings that are creating large spaces for residents to work from. The commute becomes an elevator ride. This also includes conference rooms for meetings with other employees and clients. In St. Petersburg we have Parkshore and 400 Beach among others taking part in this.


If looking to buy or rent you should consider if you will utilize this space because there will most likely be some kind of upcharge. If you already work from home this this added amenity could save you money in the long run.

Real estate developers are listening to the needs of their clients. suggests people are willing to pay top dollar because of this and the fact that “in 2016, 15 million workers or 10% of the American workforce are self-employed according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.” And don’t just think this is for the young millennial. also reports that “self-employment rates are higher for older Americans than for younger workers.”

If you worked from home wouldn’t you want a space mere feet away with all the up-to-date amenities? Many townhouses are putting in a high tech room, such as above the garage, to be used as an office. If this is a priority make sure to let your real estate agent know!

Of course, this may not work for everyone but that office room can be used in many other ways! Make it a guest bedroom or playroom for the kids. Extra space never hurts. It’s all about having the option of flexibility.


It is good to consider having this bonus room because even if in the beginning you do not need an office it may come up in the future. That is also to say if you put your home up for sale the buyer could very possibly be someone who needs a home office that is already set up with the technology.

And as always tell your real estate agent what your dream home would be! Let them help you find something as close as possible.

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