Outsmart Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is a staple of living in Florida. Sometimes there are a few tropical storms like Erika or there are full blown hurricanes.  Either way there is the possibility of negative effects on your home or future home.

There is a saying called “In the box” when referring to where a hurricane or tropical storm is. If you are looking for a home during hurricane season then this can affect whether you can close on your home or not. Insurance companies will cease writing policies if a hurricane is within “the box.” They will only resume once the storm is out of “the box.”


The best bet is to contact your insurance company as soon as you hear of a tropical storm nearby if you are trying to close on your new home.

This way you can secure homeowner’s insurance. Once the homeowner’s insurance is secured then the closing can happen on time. Otherwise it could be days before the insurance company will write it.

Find out the elevation level of your property and learn if there is a possibility for any kind of flooding. Once you’ve closed amd have your beautiful new home there are some great ways to protect it.

Permanent storm shutters are a great investment for any home in Florida. Trim all trees and shubbery so that they are more wind resistant.

Build an emergency kit with anything you might think you need such as water, food and medical supplies. Or even buy prepared kits!


Check out http://www.preparewise.com if this sounds like the better option for you.

Also take a look at http://www.ready.gov/hurricanes for any other questions you might have.

These are just a few tips on what to do with your home and what to pay attention to. Always be mindful of what officials are saying during a hurricane because evacuation may be the only option. But if you take precautions to protect your home from the beginning then that will make hurricane season a little easier to live through.

Tata from the Ladies in Red! And stay safe!