Springing Forward in Life & Home

The snow is melting (unless you’re in florida with us), the flowers are blooming and we all know spring is pretty much here. Spring is a time for new beginnings so what better way to start it than with a clean home? Here are some tips to a beautiful spring inside and out!

1. Let’s organize those closets

We all have clothes that we’ve kept just for the sake of looking at them but my motto is “If it doesn’t fit, lose it!”

You can donate or do consignment for clothes and jewelry you no longer wear.

A clean closet will let you see everything more clearly and it’ll be a fresh start for the season.

2. Clean or repaint walls

The sun is shining and you now realize there are marks or stains on your walls. Either clean up the stains with a little soap and rinse with plain water or grab a can of paint and create a beautiful new palate.


3. Check out the linens

Do your towels look a little worse for wear? Sheets have seen better days? Head out and get a few beautiful new towels and nice sheets. This doesn’t have to happen every spring but it’ll feel good to upgrade.

Also, if this doesn’t appeal to you then maybe buy some lovely decorative pillows or bedding. A little something to brighten up the room.

4. Papers, papers, papers

Ok, it’s time to stop avoiding that large mess of old mail and paperwork sitting on the kitchen counter. Most of it is junk so let’s recycle!

Take about an hour one night and sit down to go through it. It’ll go by much faster than you think and then you’ll know exactly where everything is.

And recycling is always a plus!

5. Sentimental stacks

So we all have keepsakes and memorabilia from our families but sometimes we need to consolidate. There may be kids photos in one closet upstairs and then some more under the guest room bed.

The best idea is to grab a cute bin and create memorbilia containers for the family. It’ll be fun to go through with the kids and you’ll also be able to throw anything out that shouldn’t be there.


6. Toys galore

If you have children then you know that they tend to leave a trail of toys behind them. Use spring cleaning as a time to go through these and see which ones they might of grown out of. There are always charities looking for kids toys to be donated to and it’ll take some of the clutter away (until the next trip to Toys R Us).

Also look for some storage for the toys left over. This way the toys will have a place to go when no one is playing.

Remember to turn your clocks forward on Sunday, March 13th, for daylight savings time!

Tata from the Ladies in Red!