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Buy or Sell: What agent do you need?

Whether you are looking for a house or thinking about selling yours, the key is a good real estate agent.

Many of us like to drive around on a Saturday or Sunday to check out all the open houses around the neighborhood. There will usually be an agent there selling the home. You may be thinking about buying the house but don’t have your own agent. You ask the agent there if they will be yours. This is perfectly fine but there are some background rules you will need to know about how agents work.

A listing agent’s job is to market the house. You are of equal importance to the listing agent as the homeowner is.

A buyer’s agent is the representative for the person looking for a home.

A buyer’s agent is solely your agent. As the buyer you will have an agreement written up between the two of you.  And the best part is a buyer’s agent basically works for free for you. The only party who has to pay a commision is the seller.

Don’t feel pressured to use the first agent you find. You want to find the agent that fits with you because you will be working closely together. It is a big step to buy or sell your home and you want the best on your side.

Ask as many questions as possible to make sure you know exactly how everything will work before moving forward.


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On another note happy mother’s day to all of you out there! Take this day to relax and maybe check out some open houses!

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