Carole McGurk

The Yes-Homes team is excited to announce another addition! Carole McGurk is now a Lady in Red and here’s a look at her journey. CaroleMcGurkheadshot When did you decide to get your real estate license? I’ve had my license for 2 weeks and this is a career change for me. Why did you decide to get your real estate license? I wanted to go into real estate because I enjoy meeting and knowing people. I love home improvement, design and decorating, and I want to experience the world of business! It was time I spread my wings in a new endeavor. carolemcgurkandhusband2 Did you do anything before real estate? I have been an educator for 30 plus years. I was a science teacher for middle and high school. I also was a professional developer for pinellas schools, quality department trainer, independent contractor as a national education consultant and finally a school improvement specialist for FL. Dept of Ed. How did you find out about the team? I have known Marian for many years through the Stuart Society and Junior League. Why choose Yes-Homes? I always knew of the great reputation of Rhonda and Marian. I wanted to be a part of that! carolemcgurkandhusband3 How long have you been in Florida? I have lived in St. Pete for 40 years. I am a Gator and love going to the Gator games. What do you love about St. Pete? I love St. Pete for its downtown, waterfront, beaches and great beautiful homes. A very friendly place! Also the great weather that I can play tennis in! What have you learned from the team so far? I am loving my 2 weeks with Yes-Homes! I enjoy the professional attitude, the joy the team has and the support I have received. What are you future goals? I expect this will be an exciting, sucessful and long career! Welcome Carole!  

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