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Historic Neighborhood: Yay or Nay?

Everyone has a different style home that they love. Modern, victorian, bungalow, beach house…

How would you feel if your neighborhood wanted to become an historic district? Would you care? Or perhaps vote against it. Here we will lay out the facts about what it means to becoming historic.

According to the Tampa Bay Times a neighborhood “currently needs approval from two-thirds of property owners to apply for landmark status.”

The pro: there is property tax exemption for up to 10 years for property improvements.

The con: Those improvements are not easy to come by. They will have to adhere to a certain “historic” look and will require city staff to review or even a public hearing.

Right now in St. Petersburg there is a new issue up for debate. City Council will be given the option to either lower the percentage of property owners needed to sign off from 66.6% to a simple majority


Change the voting process to only count those who vote. Property owners who don’t vote have no say.

Many say it isn’t fair to rule out the residents who don’t show up to vote. They still live within the neighborhood and should have a say.

This has become a hot topic because of the signicant growth and popularity St. Petersburg has right now with visitors and locals.


The question is will this affect that growth? Studies have shown that property values tend to rise within historic neighborhoods but that’s not saying it’s easy on the residents.

Exterior alterations, any kind of add-on and tear downs are all subject to be approved by the City Council before anything can be done. The aesthetic would have to be a cohesive part of the historic neighborhood.

Would you want this change or fight against it?

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