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Inside Exclusive of a Luxury Renovation

One of our very own ladies in red has just finished the fabulous renovation on her home. Marian Maguire has worked hard to make her home a luxury oasis and is now ready for the reveal.

Marian bought her home in 2005 and set out on the renovation journey. She and her husband Patrick lived on their boat for six months, even spent Christmas there! Marian warns, “you have to look at the journey but renovation is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Everyone’s favorite detail about the house is the “Pelican Bar”…


According to Marian “that way when having family gathering or mardi gras party…there is another gathering place than the kitchen. Family and friends are always talking about wanting one for their vintage barware is fun to collect.

Marian would no doubt do it again. If you know Marian then you know she loves to cook and be in her kitchen. With a renovation she can get the exact kitchen and amenities she wants.

She says, “I tend to buy and renovate about every 10 years and I have to tell myself each home is only for a season of my life.” So now it is onto the next part of the journey with a finished renovation and then a sale!

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