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Matt Gariboldi

When did you get your real estate license? I got my Real Estate license in July of 2017.     Did you do anything before real estate?   I spent 27 years working as an engineer at Honeywell.     Why did you decide to get your real estate license? I was offered an early retirement and wanted to do something different. I had bought and sold a few homes in the past and I was very interested in the process. Julia Brazier was my agent on a lot of the sales and purchases and she taught me a lot about the contract, offers, inspections, and more. I will admit that I dragged her through many attics and crawl spaces in homes in Old Northeast St. Pete. That was over 10 years ago, and we are still great friends. So, I was interested in the process, and I also liked working with people and houses, so the next step was obvious.     How did you find out about the team? When I told Julia that I enrolled in the real estate class, she said that I would have to come and be a part of the great team she joined at Keller Williams – Yes-Homes Team. Easier said than done, however… She mentioned that the team was all women, but she would talk to Rhonda and Marian and set it up. And it turned out to be a good fit despite my gender.   What have you learned from the team so far? The team is great and I have learned so much. I have spent a lot of time with Marian learning the detailed process of putting together a Comparative Market Analysis and what goes into pricing a home. And Rhonda continues to teach me about good negotiating skills. How long have you been in Florida? Prior to Honeywell, I grew up outside of Chicago in Joliet with my brother and seven sisters. I moved to Florida in 1988, soon out of college for a change in weather, and because I have a lot of relatives here in the Tampa Bay area.   What do you love about St. Pete? I love being on the water on Tampa Bay. And living here in St. Petersburg, there is so much to do and see. And the downtown area is growing so much. My wife Monica and I make it a point to try a different new restaurant each week.   We live in far northeast St. Pete with our little hound dog Jayda. Monica and I got married on St. Pete beach in 2010.    
What are you future goals?   My goals are to learn as much as I can about this ever-changing business, and help as many people as I can find their new dream home.

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