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Nila Shah

Please welcome our newest member Nila Shah! We’ve put together some questions for you to get to know her better. Our team is so excited to be working with her!   When did you get your real estate license? I received my license recently in 2019. Why did you decide to get your real estate license? I’ve always had a passion for architecture. In fact, my favorite part of traveling is the ability to appreciate all the diverse styles of homes and buildings from around the world. When my husband and I were ready to settle in the Snell Isle area 20 years ago, I designed our house myself. It’s simply amazing to watching a concrete structure turn into a sanctuary when it’s decorated with love and care. We don’t all get the chance to build our own houses right away, but what I love about realty is the opportunity to match families and individuals with that perfect house from their dreams. How long have you been in Florida? Florida has been my home for the last 27 years. I can’t imagine living anywhere else.     What do you love about St. Pete? My husband and I love everything about our slice of paradise here in St. Petersburg. Prior to moving here, we lived in a couple bigger cities in the Northeast as my husband finished his training as a physician. At some point, we knew we wanted to get away from the big city hustle in order to find a place to raise our kids, who are now all grown up and in residency and medical school. When we first moved here, we didn’t know anybody. But over the years, our friends became our family and St. Pete has been our haven every since. The ability to enjoy bright, long sunny days as you spend all your time outside on the water is an experience you can’t find anywhere else.   Why choose Yes-Homes? How did you find out about the team? When Rhonda moved to St. Pete, her daughter and my daughter became friends immediately. Just as our kids became close, so did we. I have always admired Rhonda’s work ethic, particularly her work with Yes-Homes, and I’m so excited to finally join this amazing group of talented realtors.   What have you learned from the team so far? As the new member of the team, I have the privilege of learning from the more experienced realtors who have developed such a talent for matching people with their perfect homes. Yes-Homes is truly an incredible group of smart, successful, and hard working ladies, and I look up to them all.   What are your future goals? When you something you love, it’s not work anymore. My goal is to help people find their sanctuaries, just as I have found mine in our beautiful city. Whether it’s empty nesters looking to down size, a growing family trying to expand into their dream home, or a young professional starting their first job, I am confident I can help people find a place that truly feels like home. I am so glad to join this group, and could not be more excited at the future ahead.

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