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Relocation: The need to know steps

Relocation can happen out of the blue and as a buyer you are thrown into a completely new town with no one to turn to. This is where your real estate agent comes in. But where do you find this agent? How do you know if they are showing you the right neighborhood? This guide will help you answer those questions!

Rhonda Sanderford has relocated too many times to count. She is our go to guru on the do’s and dont’s for relocating.

Rhonda’s first relocation was in the 1980’s but not much as changed to her to do list once arriving in your new city.

#1 What are your priorities? Your “Wish List”.


Do you want to be close to work? Do you have kids that need to go to a certain school? Do you want a quiet street in a suburb or closer to the bustling downtown? Here in St. Pete we have a great downtown with the Dali Museum, and the Grand Prix but this may not be for you. You may want a gated community with other families for your kids to play. Or you may want to be open water. These are all very important to ask yourself because everyday life revolves around these.

#2 Drive Around

Drive around the neighborhoods during day and night. You’ll get an idea of what happens there and also be able to see which houses are for sale.

You might even see an open house or two. Stop in and check it out. Get an idea of what the houses around the neighborhood look like and if that fits what you are looking for. Seeing the house in person is always better than just checking it out on the internet. Exploring the open house leads us to step #3.

#3 Talk to the real estate agents in the open house

Chat with them about the listing and what you are looking for. They know the neighborhood and what’s going on. Ask if they have any other listings near by. If you aren’t liking what they have to say then you can move on but at least you’re getting closer to getting that ideal agent.

#4 Be honest with your agent

Tell them the priorities you have. They need to know exactly what is #1 on the list and what you can do without. Make sure to lead with what you absolutely cannot live without. If you are honest with your agent they will be honest with you on what is possible within your budget.

Rhonda says “the agent becomes a psuedo concierge where they can recommend the best schools, doctors, restaurants”. Have an open conversation with them and the agent will search for a home near your priorities. These are opportunities of interest.

Rhonda’s motto is “We are turning a house into a home.” You want your home to be surrounded by your life.


#5 Don’t be afraid to use your agent’s network

Finding a well connected real estate agent is a goldmine for someone relocating.

They will know where to go, who to meet, and everything in between.

Relocating can be overwhelming but also fun with all the right people who can help. Think of this as a new adventure and every step leads to finding the perfect oasis for you and your family.

Remember to take the time to explore the city. Just walking around in the main downtown area and talking to the locals will give you an idea on where you want to be.

Once you find your agent don’t be afraid to say what you want because this is your home and not theirs. There have even been times when Rhonda has knocked on doors to see if the resident is looking to sell! This is their job and they want you to find your dream home.

Good luck to all those out there relocating and remember to have fun! Tata from the Ladies in Red!

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