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Should listing agents be at all showings?

A big question for all listing agents is should they go to their client’s showings. Will this help or hinder the sale? Our Yes Ladies weigh in on what they think is the best thing to do.

Your home is one of the most important assets you will own in your life. The YES Homes team believes that this means your listing agent should be there every step of the way. One way to do that is to come to every showing.

Some real estate agents believe listing agents don’t need to go to showings. They believe this makes it awkward for the buyers and their agents. For Marian and Rhonda they couldn’t disagree more.


Why wouldn’t you want an agent on your side to be there and represent your home? Your listing agent knows every little detail that makes your home unique and they can point these out to potential buyers. They also can let those buyers know about the neighborhood and its perks. A buyer’s agent may not necessarily know these things.

Marian says “I truly believe you MUST have a ambassador for the home/property. .as agents that is our job…we must remember the other agent more than likely has never been in the home and more importantly at least 50% are not even familiar with the nuances of the neighborhood…ie schools dry cleaners gyms…our job is not only present to home but the lifestyle the home will offer the buyer…and YES to do all this with out being over bearing.”

Marian also says “In my experience showing homes with out the other agent I typically will spend less time in the home by the time I find the lights and start turning them on my buyers have lost interest!”


If you are thinking of listing your house don’t be afraid to ask your agent to come to the showings. They are there for you and should do their best to sell your home. Remember to communicate all your wants and needs to your agent for a smooth sale!

Tata from the Ladies in Red!

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