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To Stage or Not to Stage?

You’re ready to put your house on the market but is it market ready? Staging is a key element in making your house into the one all the buyers want and need.

Staging is an easy way to make your home look like it has just fallen out of a magazine. Part of the Yes-Homes concierge service is their recommendation of the best staging companies that fit your home and what you are comfortable with.

The stager can update the house with your furniture or bring in something new. Sometimes it is as easy as moving a sofa to the other side of the room or adding beautiful bouquets around the home. Stagers come in with a fresh eye and with the help from the Yes Team they also know what buyers are looking for. Sometimes personal design and decorating can be distracting and the prospective buyer may not be able to envision the house as their new home. Staging can help them realize that this house can work for them.

But we aren’t saying that you need to completely get rid of everything personal to you…

Right now we are all celebrating the holidays. We have the decorations, lights, even the quirky elf on the shelf. Keep this personal touch! This adds a fun and festive air to the home. It makes it inviting and gives the idea that the buyer could also be celebrating the holidays in this home.


Staging just adds one more boost to you getting the perfect buyer sooner rather than later. It has been proven as a successful marketing strategy that brings in the buyers.

You are probably saying “ok but that is probably really expensive.” It truly isn’t and usually you will get a return on the investment with how quickly the house sells versus having it sit there, untouched for longer. You control how much staging is done!

Remember that in the end you, as the seller, are in control but using these proven steps from the Yes-Homes Team can put you that much closer to finding your perfect buyer.

Merry (almost) Christmas!

Tata from the Ladies in Red

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