Will Pier Park be the perfect replacement?

The pier selection committee has voted and their top choice is Pier Park but will all of St. Pete embrace it? The last time the iconic St. Petersburg Pier was set to be replaced there was a vote that killed it. Everyone agrees we need a change so let’s take a look on why Pier … Read more

Member Spotlight: Rachel Sanderford

It’s time I, Rachel Sanderford, step from behind the blog curtain and introduce myself! Hello all blog readers and Yes Homes followers! I figured it was time to give you a little background on myself, Rachel Sanderford. I joined the Yes Homes team as their social media consultant in December 2014 and have loved every … Read more

Historic Neighborhood: Yay or Nay?

Everyone has a different style home that they love. Modern, victorian, bungalow, beach house… How would you feel if your neighborhood wanted to become an historic district? Would you care? Or perhaps vote against it. Here we will lay out the facts about what it means to becoming historic. According to the Tampa Bay Times … Read more

Fun Fact File

Some fun facts you may not know about Easter and Passover from the Ladies in Red! Easter today is a mix between church going and chocolate bunnies but where did some of these traditions come from? The Easter Bunny History.com says “the easter bunny reportedly was introduced to America by the German immigrants who brought … Read more